Oct 8, 2011

OUTFIT | The Red. The White... & The Blue.

Welcome to Ohio: Home of bipolar weather!
We're having some weird, flip-flop weather at the moment. Here we are in the beginning of Autumn, and Mother Nature doesn't know if she wants it to be hot or cold... This week's forecast: Upper 70's - 80's and sunny. (Sounds nice right?)... Well next week's forecast: Lower 50's. Shame! But nonetheless, I'm going to enjoy this warm weather while it lasts. Here's a few snaps of what I wore yesterday: 

I know the red, white, and blue is a little overdue, but who says there's anything wrong with showing a lil' pride for your country... even three months after Independence Day? Hope you guys like. 
Watch - Vintage
Gold Clasp - Vintage Thrifted
Ring - Mom's
Boots - GoJane
Sweater Vest - (American Eagle Men's) Thrifted
Lace Top - Thrifted
 High Waisted Shorts - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted
Knee Highs - Target
Boots - GoJane

Oct 6, 2011

FEATURING | My Favorite Thrifted Sweater.

Everyone, (at least I like to think) has that one item in their wardrobe that is their "go to" piece. Rather it may be a bag, a pair of shoes, jacket, or a blouse; this "go to" piece is your most grabbed for item and/or your most favorite thing to throw on. For me, well, it's my trusty old vintage cropped knit sweater. Super comfy and cute, this sweater has that vintagey Cosby feel to it. With the winter snowflake pattern, it's ideal for the Fall and Winter seasons... But I like to break the rules and wear it all year round. (I usually get a lot of weird looks in Spring!) Picked up from Goodwill last year, I've worn this thing over a dozen times, a million different ways! Take a look at how I've styled it in the past...

My sweater got it's first wear to an 80's 90's party. Did I fit the part, or what?

I thought I'd play with the androgynous look here.
H&M Blazer
Forever 21 Beanie Hat

A little more girly here, with an off the shoulder look.
Earrings - Forever 21
Scarf - H&M

A more business chic look. I added a blazer, earrings, and a pink lip.
Blazer - H&M
Earrings - Forever 21

Last, but SURELY not least, here's my most recent styling of my trusty knit. A more relaxed look, paired with velvet leggings

Oct 5, 2011

Anyone Can Be a Writer, Right?

Even Snooki has a best seller! And I'm just another self proclaimed writer/blogger who thinks she has all the answers to everything. (Kidding). But as my first blog post, I thought it would be only right to welcome myself into the blogging world! (Welcome Nieka!)...
If you're into clothes, shoes, movies & books, beauty & hair, and enjoy taking a gander at a young girl's random rants, then this blog is for you! You're welcome. I have no idea what I'm doing, which should make this blog even more fun to look at! If you're currently nestled up in front of your computer screen, struggling to comprehend what the hell I'm rambling on about, then go ahead and click Follow! I have many more pieces to post with a heap of photos (Everyone loves pictures, right?) Enjoy my friends, and by all means, bear with me.

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