Jun 9, 2012

Red Forman's Basement

My uncanny sense of sarcasm never gets old... These photos were taken in my boyfriend's basement. It looks nothing like Red Foreman's basement of course, (That 70's Show reference). But due to the simple fact that we spend 90% of our time down there, I think the name suffices. Somewhat old and shabby, with the most perfect random, vintage knick knacks sprawled about in strategic areas. I mean, there's Egyptian head statuettes down there! I think it's a wonderland of vintage. Of course I forced my boyfriend to capture my outfit amongst the grunginess of it all! I'm not sure how old the armoire you see in these photos is. But I've been scheming on how I can make this bad boy mine for years!

T-shirt - Boyriend's + DIY //
 Skirt - American Apparel //
Converse - Famous Footwear

P.S Readers! If you are AT ALL into fashion, beauty tips and tricks, and amazing DIY's, then please go check out my sister's blog! Yes, my real sister! She's new to the blogging world and could use some awesome readers! Check her out HERE!

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