Oct 26, 2011

THRIFTY | Recent Finds

 Hi guys! I hope everyone is well. Apologies for the lack of posts. I've really been off my blogging game, and honestly, haven't been in the spirit to blog... But nonetheless, I'm back with some great things to share.

Here are some gems I've recently discovered that I can't get enough of... I can't wait to style some of these pieces! (Some I've already worn).

All items were found at a local thrift store in my area:

(Don't forget to click the link at the end to view the rest of this post.)

($5.00) Harve Benard: This blazer has so much going on, from the felt lapels, bright oranges, and plaid detail on top of tweed. It SCREAMS vintage. 

($5.00) Kasper for ASL

(3.00) Basic black knit bodycon dress with In-Your-Face metal detailing.


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