Dec 1, 2012

eBay Wishlist

Hey guys! I've been away for quite some time and I figured it's time for me to get back to blogging. I thought I'd jump right back into the swing of things with a quick wishlist. Just to wet my feet a bit. I've been seeing tons of Xmas related wishlist amongst the blogging atmosphere lately, so I thought I'd do one too! Now, this is not my Christmas wishlist. (I still don't know what I want at the moment.) These are just some of the shoe items I've been eyeing on ebay lately and wish to soon buy... Or receive as a gift! *wink, wink*

*Just a quick note: I am posting from my iPhone and therefore can't post the links to these items. So if you see something you like, just comment below and I'll let you know where to find it! Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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