Apr 5, 2012

HAULAGE | Forever 21

Hey beautiful readers! I recently ordered some things from Forever21.com and just my luck, they came in the mail today. So here's a little haul of my purchases... Now, I must say, I've been quite skeptical of F21 in the previous months. But they've really stepped their game up! Kudos to those bastards! I'm extremely happy with these purchases. Especially the lace bat-winged, maxi kimono thing-a-ma-jig. Hope you all like. 

Longline Lace Kimono - $14.99
Woo Cowboy Hat - $11.99
Cropped Lace Corset - $8.00
Mint Green Knee High - $3.80
Neon Yellow Knee Highs - $2.80
Sheer Dotted Socks - $3.80
Blue Over The Knee Socks - $2.80
Mint Green Braided Belt - $2.50

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