May 10, 2012

School's Out!

So here's a couple of crappy pics; my attempt at a decent outfit post. I've been slumped with final coursework, and just haven't had the time to take pictures of any of my outfits... Seriously, how do some of you fashion bloggers do it? Nonetheless, Im free at last! Singing, "School's ouuut for summmmerrr!!" in my most dorkiest tempo... This is all I could manage. Hope the photos aren't too shitty. I hope everyone's having a good week!

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Bowler hat - Urban Outfitters
 cK Denim Jacket - Thrifted/DIY
Shorts - Thrifted/DIY
Crochet Maxi Vest - Thrifted
Random Accesories - Casio Watch, Thrifted Gold Cuffs, Charm Bracelet
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