Dec 2, 2011

THRIFTY | Recent Finds (Jackets & Blazers)

 Here's my most recent finds in blazers and jackets. Hope you enjoy! Tell me what your favorite pieces are, and by all means, share with me any cool pieces you've found as well.
(Warning: This post is quite "picture heavy".)

"Stanley Blacker" Houndsooth w/suede lapels. (5.00) 
"Donna Morgan for NSP" Cropped houndsooth bronze button detail. (3.99)

"Kasper ASL" Military green w/ cheetah print lapels & button detail. (5.00)
"Lord & Taylor?" Forest green oversized w/gold button detail. (5.99) [Worn HERE]
"Alfred Dunner" Tapestry floral detail zip up jacket. (4.00)
"BCBG Maxazria" Velvet jacket w/ floral stitching. 
"Joan Harper" Velvet blazer. (4.50)
"J.S.J." Plaid w/ velvet collar detail. (2.00)

"Passports" Aztec pattern tapestry jacket. 
"Talbots" Red blazer. (2.50)

Bright neon pink blazer. (2.50)

"Giancarlo Ferrari" Tribal print black & cream oversized blazer. (399)
"J.G. Hook" Olive green blazer.

I'd like to mention that I am in no way, trying to brag/boast about anything. I am merely giving an insight on the things I find at thrift stores for people who feel they have no idea where to begin. I only wish to help and ultimately just keep my readers posted. Many people love to see hauls and appreciate these kinds of posts. If you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to let me know. Thank you all. 


  1. omg!! you found some amazing pieces!!

  2. Thanks! Idk what it is, but thrift stores get sooo good during the Fall/Winter seasons! :)

  3. My favorite is defiantly the leopard print one!

  4. You've found some amazing pieces! America has the best thrift stores you wouldn't find anything like this in the UK :-(

  5. All of these look amazing on youuu!!! Think the velvet has it for me though xxx

  6. @Vicky... thank you! I'm loving your blog btw. :)

  7. @Jade... Really? I'm so surprised. I've been wanting to plan a trip to the UK just for the thrift shopping.

  8. I love all your jacket finds! I'm so jealous I usually never find such awesome pieces

    xoxo Madison Theresa

  9. woow i think that your blog is really nice i really like your recent post (i like all of your jackets)
    i think that you are really talentedand your blo is amazing!!!!
    please can you take a look at my blog and tell me what you think

  10. you have SOO many jackets. I literally love the green leopard one, the velvet one and the neon pink one! again i'm going to have a little moan about the quality of charity shops in England in comparison. Wahhhhh. I love these posts, gives me a little idea of what sort of things to look out for :) x

  11. That BCBG velvet jacket is so rad, what a great find!

  12. I can actually say I live every single one of them! You have great eyes lol

  13. @Addie... wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. And I'll definitely check out your blog! :)

  14. @Yasmin... I'm so glad you like them. And even more happy that you like these kinds of posts! I'll try to put up pt. 2 before this week is over. :)

  15. LOVE that leopard lined blazer... what great finds!

  16. OMG that's amazing!I love everything,especially the houndstooth's ones <3
    I'm following,your blog is soo cool!


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