Apr 12, 2012

eBAY! | First Item Up For Bid/Buy


Hey guys! I just wanted to throw up a quick little post to let you all know I will be selling loads of my stuff on eBay. I managed to get one post up, which is an authentic Dooney & Bourke handbag looking for a new home. I will be adding more items later on. So watch out for my eBay listings and buy some stuff! <<< CLICK HERE to view the first listing. 

Side note: As this is an authentic piece, I tried my best to sell it as a reasonable price. Keep in mind, most of the things I sell is thrifted, or vintage, and purchased with my own money. My next few items are clothing and shoes, and will be selling for much LESS. Thanks guys!

I'm new to this whole selling thing, so if you have any advice or tips, PLEASE don't hesitate to throw them at me!

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