May 15, 2012

OUTFIT | "Red Brick Road"

Me and the boy-toy went to see The Avengers this past weekend. (3 THUMBS UP! Btw) Afterwards, we decided to flip out the good old Canon and flick it up on "the bricks". His photography skills are getting a little better! Not too many pics of me... I mostly played paparazzi on him.

This is somewhat of an outfit post as well. I was feeling kind of Tom-Boy'ish and opted for sneakers and denim. I "dressed" it up a little with a blazer. I'll call this look, Tom-Boy Chic.

Blazer - Thrifted 

Shorts - Thrifted/DIY
Belt - Thrifted
Sweatshirt - Brother's
Sneakers - Finishline

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