Oct 17, 2011

Autumn Love Story

Leather Jacket - "Jack BB Dakota"
Fur Like Vest - (Thrifted) "Olsen Collection"
Dress - Thrifted
Leather Tassel Belt - Thrifted
Fishnet Tights - Forever21
Knee Highs - Walmart
Shoes - GoJane

Bleh... Mondays.

Anywho, as we all know, this past Saturday was Sweetest Day. I spent my Saturday enjoying some much needed quality time with my sweetie, & he was kind enough to take some  (surprisingly really good) shots of me. Apologies for the late post. I'm just now getting back into the swing of things after having two blissful days off. I'm loving how the Autumn atmosphere is starting to show. As my favorite season, I must say, I've been in serious anticipation for the beautiful leaves to "do their thang" and the feel of the cool, crisp weather. To me, there's nothing better than that beautiful sunny Autumn day. As Albert Camus has said, "Autumn is a second Spring, where every leaf is a flower"... & I couldn't have said it better myself.

I shall leave you with a couple of excerpts from an amazing piece of writing by Jayne Fisher I came across called Autumn Love

"Walking through Autumn leaves with your love brings back a memory of a magic to time as a child when a pile of leaves was so much more than a nuisance. This is a wonderful opportunity to be that child again and play! Invite your sweetheart to hold you tight and just fall into those leaves together and you will find yourself falling in love, perhaps for the first time or the first time this Autumn."
"Turn your head and everywhere couples are nestled into each other with soft whispers and their breaths captured in the icy air. Breathe in each others breath and become one. Slip your arms around each other and just take time to notice the days growing shorter and life being lived to the fullest. Harvest these fruits of Autumn and cherish the cycles of our seasons."



  1. Wow you've been busy blogging! I love this dress very cute & perfect for autumn :)


  2. I loved the outfit and the hair :)

  3. wow, your so gorgeous! i love this outfit x


  4. @Debbie... Thank you so much! I am now following your blog btw! :)


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