Nov 5, 2011

OUTFIT | Tapestry Blazer

Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I haven't been able to blog as much due to recent events, and me just not being in the mood. But I thought I'd just do a quick post of what I wore last week. Apologies for the poorly taken pictures. Every single thing I have on is thrifted (as usual) besides the hat...Which is from Walmart (10 bucks!). 
I'm in love with this Tapestry/Corduroy blazer I'm wearing. Believe it or not, I've had it for over a year only worn it twice. The cropped knitted sweater (another favorite) was thrifted from Goodwill last year. Belt and harem trousers are from a local unique thrift store; Second Glance.
 I never realize that 90% of all my outfits are thrifted pieces until I actually put them together. I love how some people who thrift as much as me can tell that some of my clothes are vintage, while others think everything I wear is retail! Hope you all like.


  1. That blazer is so nice. Love the whole outfit too :) x

  2. @Christen... omg, thank you! & I appreciate you checking out my blog. <3

  3. I love this outfit, I went out on Saturday and noticed that half of my outfit was from Charity Shops aha- can't resist a bargain x

  4. @Yasmin... Thank you! & I know right? Charity shopping is irresistible!

  5. OMG the blazer is incredible and with the hat, perfection lady xxx


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