Nov 7, 2011

OUTFIT | Date Night

Last night was a long overdue date night for the Boyfriend and I. The movies was our destination, and Paranormal Activity 3 was our choice of drug. And all I have to say is, that movie is INSANE. I did expect a bit more at the end, since it was so hyped up. But nonetheless, it scared the living shit out of me... Here's what I wore: It was a pretty late and casual date, so I just wanted to be kind of comfortable (at least this is my idea of comfort...).

Slouchy Hat - F21
Cross Necklace - AE
Vintage Calvin Klein Jacket - Thrifted
Black Sweater - Thrifted
Mesh Under Shirt - Thrifted
Men's Dockers Cardi- Thrifted
GAP High Waisted Shorts - DIY/Thrifted
Fishnet/Lace Tights - F21


  1. ooh paranormal activity.. i'm way to scared to even watch the first aha, look lovely as per x

  2. I went to see that film last week at the cinema but I never looked as stylish as you! I was a bit disappointed by the ending also! x

  3. alsooo i've given you the Liebster blog award x


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